Aghazadeh – 29 – Final

20715 View | Drama , Action , | 7 Month Ago

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Aghazadeh – 29 – Final Aghazadeh View The Main Page

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ممنون از زحماتتون

خیلی پایان بندی بدی داشت … واقعا بهتر از اینا میتونستن تمومش کنن

I fully agree with Fatima. How did this haphazardly put together ending fit into the moral of this movie? Is the moral of the movie that those who are righteous and innocent end up getting killed, while the evil minds walk off free to continue their evil deeds?
What a terrible ending, which encourages nothing but defeat and evil!!!

I am agree with fatima and Michelle it was very bad ending

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Episode Details
Name : Aghazadeh
Episode : Final

Year : 2020
Grade : 4.5
Language : Persian

Release Date : 7 Month Ago
Other Info : High Quality

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